Worn / 02

I love fall. Looooove it. The crispness, the coolness, even the fleeting-ness of this season makes it my favorite. Also the sweaters. And all the clothes in all the stores. Heh.

According to my calculations (with my good friend Google's help), I'm an autumn when it comes to color analysis too. I've never had a professional color analysis, but I'm pretty certain warm autumn tones are the best colors for me to wear. That explains my delight upon walking into nearly every clothing store this time of year and liking everything I see!

This outfit post is all about fall. If it had an official title, I'd probably call it Neutral Fall Outfit For Everyone Everywhere. It's a cinch to pull together, and I used classic pieces that are probably already in your closet! Hunter green jeans are a secret way to add some color to your outfit, but still neutral enough that they pair well with most other things too. Add a simple grey sweater and lightweight jacket (almost every color would work in this outfit if you're not a monochrome lover like me!) and you're ready to forage for leaves or forage for a latte from your favorite coffee shop.

My boots are the only new item in this outfit - everything else was pulled from my closet. I've been scouring the interwebs for some riding boots as summer ended, and it was such a difficult thing to shop for. I have a pretty high standard for quality and beauty, but not high enough to spend $300. Every other boot I looked at was as expensive or more so, until I found these Sam Edelman Penny boots. They're (partly) genuine leather, have just the right small heel, comfortable, and the perfect cognac color (whiskey) that's already starting to wear beautifully. I expect these boots to last me a few years and a few more fall outfits.

I'm not an accessorizer, and the outfits that feel the most me are simple, effortless, and chic like this one. The only "accessory" I wore this day was my Everlane backpack in navy. Maybe I should save the details for another post titled Loveletter to Everlane, but until I get around to it, you need to know that Everlane is an honest, ethical company dedicated to transparency and quality. I purchased this backpack more than a year ago and I have nothing but good to say about it. It's my camera bag and my we're-going-to-be-out-all-day-and-we-need-to-take-snacks-and-diapers bag.

All told, I think this is a simple and elegant fall outfit that most anyone can pull off, and likely with things you already own. Happy leaf-peeping and chai-drinking!

It should be noted, that facial expressions in a few of these photos are reason enough that it's best for me to stay on the shooting side of the camera. ;) Photo creds to my handsome hub for these.

Jeans: Ruche (similar) / Sweater: Gap Factory / Jacket: Gap (old) / Boots: Sam Edelman Penny / Backpack: Everlane (old, similar)