Three Things / 02

Three things for this Tuesday morning: 

1/ I made this letter matching game for Hugo last week and it's kept his attention pretty well. It was very simple to do: I wrote all the letters on a large sheet of paper (used kraft wrapping paper from my supply) and then made matching letter cards using 3x5 notecards. I cut strips of clear plastic (good ol' gallon bags) to make the pouches and whipped out my sewing machine for some simple stitches to hold it all together. Washi tape attaches it to the wall, and violá - toddler containment! And I've been pretty impressed at how well he's learning the names and sounds of letters with this little activity.

2/ Speaking of letter sounds, I got this Montessori alphabet book at the library a few months ago and we loved it. Each letter is the texture of sandpaper, much like touch-and-feel books, making them easy to trace with little fingers. I was intrigued by the Montessori method of letter learning with this book - each letter is called by its sound rather than its name. For example, the U page reads: this is 'uh' as in umbrella. Fascinating! And makes a lot of sense to call the letter U by its sound rather than "yew."

3/ I'm just going to go ahead and make this an unofficial toddler activity post. A certain little boy requests playdoh nearly every day. We only have a few colors, and it's starting to dry out, but that doesn't stop his enjoyment. Give him some containers and lids and tongs and he'll be occupied for as long as 40 minutes sometimes (an incredible feat in the toddler world, in case you're wondering)! I came across this article about the benefits of playdoh recently and I think it's so incredible that such a fun activity is so beneficial for toddler development. The article has suggestions for adding extras to playdoh like googly eyes and dry pasta and even essential oils. We're totally doing some of these ideas this week.