Scheduling Inspiration

I read recently,

"Inspiration doesn't strike. Inspiration is scheduled." 

It's true.  As a work-from-home mama, scheduled time for inspiration is sometimes laughable. But here's the thing: I feel the most like myself when I've had time to sort through my thoughts and make something out of them. And that's not laughable at all.

If you're following along with my Instagram posts, you know that last night I made a frantic escape to the grocery while the rest of the family ate dinner. I enjoyed it way more than I should have. ;) Having that hour alone was just enough time to take a good look at myself and see the rough places that needed to be smoothed and the soft places that needed to be remembered.

I'm realizing how important it is for me to schedule in quiet times for thinking and creating. It makes me whole in the sense that it makes my spirit healthy, and I want nothing more than to be a healthy woman and wife and mama. 

This wholeness looks different for all of us. Maybe for you it's not about quiet time or being alone; maybe your wholeness comes from a weekend with your energetic extended family. No matter what it looks like, I'm convinced it's as necessary as morning coffee (and that's saying something), and I want to know how you do it. Leave a comment with what makes you feel whole, and how you schedule for it to actually happen. And if you don't know yet, that's ok - I'm figuring it out too.