Packing/Wishing list for NYC

We've planned a trip to NYC for a week, and I have already begun the mental packing/wishing process. Does anyone else consider the planning for a trip to be part of the fun? I certainly do; I've been pinning like a crazy lady, saving places to visit, and researching the best parks, playgrounds, and coffee spots in the city.

Here are the things I'm planning to include in our bags before we head out each morning. There will be plenty of space for adding snacks and you'd better believe we'll have our MetroCard at the ready. Hugo was delighted to learn that New York's trains are distinguished by letter and not just color. He's certain we'll need to ride the H train, but I'm not certain such a train exists. Maybe Q will have to do?

Hers: Blanket for park hangs (thrifted this one) / Zojirushi travel coffee mug because I'll be buying coffee each morning and bringing my own cup means wasting less. / Saltwater sandals. Walking shoe of choice (don't judge) / Stowaway lipstick: my new favorite discovery is this cosmetics company that only makes small sizes of makeup designed to be finished before they expire. There's that generate less waste theme again. / Knomo Beauchamp backpack / Camera (duh) / Books. If I read through all of them, I'll treat myself to a used bookstore in Williamsburg and be hipster to the MAX.

Boy's: New Usborne book for the Airplane because lately he's been so intrigued with his body and what's inside it. / Saltwater sandals. Because matchy-matchy. / Klean Kanteen waterbottle that I really ought to upgrade to a bigger size. / State Mini Kane backpack. I have this thing for beautiful bags, in case you're wondering. / Counting blocks to tap into his recent fascination with counting and simple arithmetic. / His own camera. He loves to direct me for his photos, and I try to always oblige. Goodness knows I've asked the same of him countless times!

What am I forgetting? Have any tips for seeing the city with a 3-year-old sidekick that you want to pass along? Any must-see NYC spots?