Gift Guide for Stockings + Giveaway

I love Christmas stockings. I'm lamenting the fact that this is the first home I've lived in that has no fireplace - there's not even a faux mantle to hang our stockings from! So I hung them on a few nails in our great room and that will have to do. I just read the legend of Saint Nicholas in a children's book, and the story tells of the good saint throwing sacks of gold down the chimney for poor families during Christmastime. One sack landed in a stocking hanging by the fire to dry, and from that legend comes our modern-day chimney-diving Santa Claus who comes to fill our stockings! I find the stories behind traditions are so fascinating.

We love stockings in our family, and often the small gifts I find to stuff inside are my favorite gifts of all.

Heres a little gift guide for filling your stockings:

1/ Shaving brush. Prospector Co. has more than one good idea for stockings, so be sure to check out their full product line. You could even stop by your local barber to see if they have any for sale.
2/ These crocheted dolls are just adorable. They're fair-trade, handmade by artisans in Moldova, and sold by Ornaments4Orphans, a company whose goal is to provide opportinities for vulnerable children and their communities.  Read more about their noble mission here, and browse the other items in their shop. These gifts that give back are some of the best kind to buy.
3/ Field Notes - the classic pocket notebook for the writers, poets, sketchers, doodlers, and collectors-of-small-cute-things in your life. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like Field Notes. :)
4/ My friend Lauren is the creative spirit behind Graced Home Touches. If you know her, you know her penchant for vintage things and natural living, and both loves come together to create beautiful handmade soaps, lotions, and other "vintage home touches." Lauren is offering my final giveaway, so read on to enter!
5/ A particular necklace from The Jones Market has been on my own wish list for a long time. This made-in-Ohio company makes non-toxic, tuggable necklaces + bracelets that are perfect for mamas toting babes and versatile enough for anyone! The Jones Market is also offering a giveaway this week, so enter below and visit their shop to decide your favorite piece!
6/ Cord Tacos are simply ingenious. Nobody likes a tangled mess of headphone cords or charging cables, but everyone needs to stuff them in their bag to take along. Enter cord taco - simple leather clasps for your cords. I dare you to not buy one. ;)
7/ A darling wooden digger from the Land of Nod is sure to make the little boys grin. My son saw the photo up on my computer screen and instantly professed his love and wishes for it, so it just may wind up in a certain red stocking in our house!
8/ I love the idea of making a donation in someone's name. It would be an honor to receive such a gift, and it solves the uneasy feeling of giving in to materialism and marketing hype. The Water Project provides clean water to communities in Africa, and World Vision offers a way to purchase and give animals like goats and chickens to help nourish needy families around the world. Just slip a note in someone's stocking letting them know that you've made a donation in their name, and my guess is they'll love that gift as much as any.

Giveaway from Graced Home Touches & The Jones Market!

Enter giveaway below by liking Jazzberry on Facebook, and following @gracedhometouches and @thejonesmarket on Instagram. Giveaway ends Friday at midnight; winner will be announced on Instagram and/or Facebook and contacted via email. Best of luck!