Current Favorites : Children's Books

It was no more than 2 weeks after moving to Brooklyn that we had new library cards in our hands. We love our weekly visit; the walk is especially refreshing in the winter months, and we come home armed with brand new stories and things to learn that help bust the cabin fever! 

Here are a few of our current favorites from the last month or so:

Water is Water (so beautiful, and quickly made it onto our want-to-own list) / The Cloud Book / Mighty Dads / Winnie the Pooh (audiobook! And I even found excerpts on Spotify) / The Gruffalo (cheating a bit because we actually haven't read the book, but we've seen the movie enough times we almost know the story by heart!) / A Family of PoemsThe Mouse and the Motorcycle (Hugo is only 3.5 and I didn't know if listening to a chapter book would hold his interest, but he's picking up so much more of the story than I expected! My husband reads a chapter every few nights, and it takes me right back to my dad's spirited reading of this book to my brothers and I when we were young. Talk about a walk down memory lane!) / The Cookbook for Kids (teeeeechnically not a children's book, but I regularly catch him reading and cooking recipes) / Ten Apples Up On Top

I devour book lists and always love finding a new favorite, especially children's books. I enjoy them just as much as my 3-year-old! 😊 I'm always finding good ideas from a few favorite books accounts on Instagram: Tiny Readers, @jsyamsek, Kids Bookstagram, and Stories, an adorable local bookstore here in Brooklyn.

Where do you find ideas for what to read to your children? Do you have any must-read favorites I should add to my own list or inspiring accounts to follow? Do tell. We're due for a trip back to the library in a few days. 😉