Coffee Shop Run

I posted on Instagram a while ago that I've been doing a thing called Hugo Day. I try to do it once a week (normally Friday, because Fridays are awesome), and it's simply a reminder to myself to do something for my son that he will love. He goes with me everywhere as my little sidekick, whether he wants to or not, so I figured the least I can do is to take him somewhere or plan a task that's specifically for him. Hugo day is not the only day he has fun. :) It's just more important than most of the other days because it's the day I make it my priority; more important than laundry or meal planning or photo editing.

Needless to say, we love Hugo Day! It's normally nothing grand, just an ice cream cone or a train ride for donuts or playing together in the sandbox or coloring with markers (it's the little things). Last week, it was a walk—walk, not stroller ride!—to the nearest coffee shop for some goodies. Gaslight Coffee is just a half block from our house, so we grabbed a donut and a coffee to bring back home and eat on the front porch.

Because, you see, eating a snack on the front porch is one of Hugo's chief delights. And it was Hugo Day, after all.